HOP Professor’s Endorsement Featured in Anthony Biglan’s The Nurture Effect

Anthony Biglan’s new book The Nurture Effect: How the Science of Human Behavior Can Improve Our Lives & Our World features an endorsement from Kelli Komro, Ph.D., MPH, professor in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy. Biglan is a senior scientist at Oregon Research Institute and a leader in the development of prevention science.

“Anthony Biglan’s book is an important introduction to the science behind creating nurturing environments for youth,” said Komro, who is also the associate director of the Institute for Child Health Policy. “Moreover, this book is aimed at general readers, which will give more people access to this crucial information.”

Komro’s endorsement, which is the first one in the text of the book and the final entry on the back cover, states: “What a wonderful and truly beneficial gift that Anthony Biglan has given us! Thought-provoking and inspirational, Biglan shares with us his wisdom and provides a compelling call to individuals, families, schools, communities, organizations, corporations, and policymakers to be part of creating nurturing environments. The Nurture Effect is a science-based prescription for creating a more health-enhancing society. Biglan concisely summarizes his hard-earned wisdom from a remarkable career as a clinician and scientist, his knowledge of diverse scientific fields, as well as his rich life experiences, including as husband, father, and grandfather. Transformative and practical, it provides a guide for the foundation of a more caring and health-promoting society.”

The Nurture Effect discusses more than 40 years of behavioral science research, and it suggests that “by cultivating compassionate, positive, nurturing environments in all aspects of society…we can lay the framework to create vital change and a better world.”