ICHP Faculty Presents on Infant Microbiome at International Pregnancy Symposium

The Canadian Diabetes Association and the Canadian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism invited Dominick Lemas, Ph.D., to give a talk at a symposium on current issues in pregnancy. At the symposium, held during the groups’ professional conference and annual meeting, Lemas will present “Getting to the Guts of Obesity — Implications for the Microbiome to Influence Pregnancy and Early Life.” The meeting will take place October 26-29 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Growing observational data suggest that such early-life factors such as maternal obesity, the use of antibiotics, and breastfeeding shape the colonization of bacteria in infants’ intestines, which in turn appears to influence infant weight gain, said Lemas, a faculty member in the Institute for Child Health Policy. However, strong empirical evidence to support these findings has been lacking.

“Through my research, I hope to bridge the gap between these observational studies and the kind of rigorous scientific evidence needed to demonstrate a link between gut microbiota and pediatric obesity,” he said.