our focus

Improving health outcomes

Conducting evidence-based research with real-world impact to improve the health of children, teens and young adults.

Leveraging big data

Utilizing large and diverse data sets to build new infrastructure and improve the efficiency and accuracy of children’s health research.

Advancing health research

Pioneering new research methods, technologies and innovative study designs to improve children’s health research.

Helping the most vulnerable

Improving children’s health by increasing immunizations, preventing drug abuse, improving oral health and managing diabetes. This is only the beginning.

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Networking and collaborating with other child health researchers are key to securing major grant funding, strengthening your research, and broadening its impact. Become a member of the Institute for Child Health Policy (ICHP) and help us in our mission to improve the health of children, adolescents and young adults through rigorous scientific research and powerful research partnerships.

Researchers discuss together at past research day event.