About Us

The Institute for Child Health Policy brings together multidisciplinary faculty from the University of Florida to conduct innovative and rigorous science to promote the health of children, adolescents, and young adults.

We particularly focus on examining factors that contribute to disparities in health and health care outcomes for minority and underserved children and youth, and we develop strategies to address these issues.

The Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics in the College of Medicine serves as an important support infrastructure for the Institute for Child Health Policy and is the academic home for many of its faculty members.

Goals of the Institute for Child Health Policy

  • Development and evaluation of community-wide programs and policies to promote child and adolescent health and positive health care outcomes.
  • Multidisciplinary research on health care financing and delivery systems, health care quality, and outcomes of care for all children but especially those with cancer and other chronic conditions.
  • Innovative evaluation research on public programs and policies.
  • Training and mentoring of students and new scientists in child, adolescent, and youth health research.
  • Leadership in interpreting and disseminating research results to policymakers and the public.
  • Collaboration with state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations and foundations, and communities in research and policy change.

To view the institute’s 5-year strategic plan, click here.